It is of importance to the skin and coat of your dog to groom it regularly, regardless of its condition. By combing and brushing the coat regularly, dirt, dead skin cells and loose hairs are removed. In addition, knots, tangles and felts are removed in dogs with a long coat, curls and / or wire hair. By removing these, problems resulting from these can be prevented. By taking good care of the skin and coat you contribute to the health of your dog.

It is not advisable to wash your pooch’s coat and skin too often. The frequency depends on the type of coat and how dirty your dog gets while romping around. To still groom and refresh the coat and skin between washes you can use a dog conditioner spray. Houndztooth has developed a special line of conditioning sprays & deodorisers for this purpose. The spray nourishes and refreshes your dog’s coat and skin without irritating it.

Houndztooth’s conditioning line has been specifically developed to be used both during the washings and as a finish to the spa(w)-treatment. The conditioner line consists of three different sprays, each with their own unique properties and ingredients. This way there is always a spray that pawfectly matches the grooming your four-legged friend requires. All conditioning sprays & deodorisers are completely environmentally and animal friendly, cruelty-free and are free from palm oil, parabens, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, SLS and EDTA.
To fully complete the spa(w) treatment of your pooch you can combine Houndztooth’s spray pawfectly with Houndztooth’s shampoo. By combining these two products you have the best dog grooming kit.
All Houndztooth grooming products for dogs are for sale online in Europe exclusively via Pawness. And this makes us secretly super proud!

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  • Hugo’s Blend No.1 Conditioning & Deodoriser Spray
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  • Stella's Blend No.2 Conditioning Deodorizing spray
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  • Charlie’s Blend No.3 Conditioning & Deodoriser Spray
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  • Coco’s Blend No.4 Rescue & Relief Spray
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    Coco’s blend NO. 4 rescue & relief spray