Nothing is more fun than stroking a dog, especially if the coat is well-groomed. A healthy and well-groomed coat can be recognised by a beautiful shine, has a dense structure and smells fresh. Besides taking care of the coat it is also important to ensure the skin is in good condition. A healthy skin is hydrated and does not irritate or flake.

So many different types of dogs, so many different types of shampoos for dogs. But how do you choose and buy the right dog shampoo? When choosing the best shampoo for your dog it is advisable to choose a mild, natural shampoo. In addition, it is important to look carefully at which type of coat your dog has. Does your pooch have a short or long-haired coat, wire hair, curls or smooth? Would you like to wash the sensitive skin of your puppy or older dog? Or is the skin of your adolescent pup in top condition? All these aspects are important when choosing the right shampoo.

The Houndztooth shampoo line has been especially developed to match the specific properties of your pooch’s skin and coat. In order to provide the best cleansing and grooming, they offer different shampoos to perfectly suit each type of coat and skin. In addition, the shampoos are made from goat’s milk and supplemented with natural botanical and essential oils. These ingredients are mainly of Australian origin. All shampoos are completely environmentally and animal friendly, cruelty-free and are free from palm oil, parabens, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, SLS and EDTA.
To complete the bathing ritual of your four-legged friend you can combine the shampoos of Houndztooth pawfectly with the Houndztooth conditioning spray & deodoriser. By combining these two products you will have the best dog grooming kit.

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    Hugo’s blend NO. 1 shampoo
  • Stella’s Blend No.2 Dog Shampoo
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  • Charlie’s Blend No.3 Dog Shampoo
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