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Houndztooth Sample Kit


✨Try before your buy✨

🌱 3x shampoo – 30ml per bottle
🌱 3x conditioning spray & deodoriser – 30ml per bottle
🌱 product and grooming guide
🌱 shampoo – 30ml is suitable for 2 á 3 treatments, depending on the size of your pooch

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    HOUNDZTOOTH GROOMING products for dogs

    The Houndztooth Sample Kit includes a selection of the Houndztooth shampoos and conditioning sprays & deodorisers. We also include a product and a grooming guide. Try the products at home and see which blend suits the needs of your pooch’s coat best.

    Flat lay sample pack


    feeding time becomes “dinner time”
    with our handmade ceramic food bowls


    feeding time becomes “dinner time”
    with our handmade ceramic food bowls

    Houndztooth information brochure


    Houndztooth all natural grooming products for dogs

    Houndztooth’s luxury pet grooming products are made from only the finest pet-friendly ingredients. Australian botanicals, essential oils, rich goat milk and oatmeal to cleanse and nourish for gentle care and long-lasting freshness.

    The all-natural dog shampoo, conditioner & deodorisers are all palm-oil free and paraben-free. There is no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or EDTA which can both irritate the skin, no artificial colours, no harsh ingredients and no synthetic fragrances. In essence, our products smell good because they contain real plant-based ingredients and Australian botanical essential oils that smell good!

    Houndztooth Sample Kit


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    palm oil, parabens, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, animal suffering, SLS and EDTA

    the shampoo & spray is...

    animal- and environmentally friendly


    The Sample Kit contents:
    1x Hugo's blend NO.1 shampoo – 30 ML
    1x Hugo's blend NO.1 conditioning & deodoriser spray – 30 ML
    1x Stella's blend NO.2 shampoo – 30 ML
    1x Stella's blend NO.2 conditioning & deodoriser spray – 30 ML
    1x Charlie's blend NO.3 shampoo – 30 ML
    1x Charlie's blend NO.3 conditioning & deodoriser spray – 30 ML


    First apply the shampoo to a wet coat, massage well and rinse thoroughly with water. Dry with a towel. Then treat with the conditioning & deodoriser spray. Shake well before use. Apply the spray generously to the wet or dry coat, massage gently or brush the coat. The spray can be used in between washings for care and refreshment of the coat.


    Avoid contact with eyes and ears. For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Seek medical attention if ingested.
    Although the products are free from nasties, every single pooch is different, and we recommend testing out the products on a small area of your dog’s skin before full use.

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    1. Celina (verified owner)

      So good to try before you buy a big bottle. I love all of them but my favorite is Charlie’s Blend. All Shampoos and conditioners make Mathilde’s fur so soft and shiny.

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