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Pawness dog collars: a blend of minimalist design, trendy colours, and italian craftmanship

Welcome to the world of Pawness dog collars, where each collar tells a story of style and sustainability. Our collection, made with the utmost care and precision, reflects the essence of minimalist design, trendy colors, and authentic Italian craftsmanship. Each piece is handmade from sustainable materials, ensuring a perfect blend of style, comfort, and environmental consciousness.

Dog collar bo: stylish and sustainable

The Dog Collar Bo, one of our showpieces, is crafted from environmentally friendly vegan leather. The collar is known for its unique ‘colourblocking’, available in four different color combinations. These collars have a sleek design and are available in four sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for every dog. Make it extra special by combining it with our charming dog bow-ties, which complete your dog’s outfit with a touch of elegance and flair.

Dog collar trix: playful and eye-catching

The Dog Collar Trix is a true eye-catcher, made from recycled polyester from PET bottles and vegan leather. These collars stand out with their playful striped webbing design, combined with ends finished in vegan leather in a contrasting color. The Dog Collar Trix is a wider design, perfect for the dog owner looking for something unique and striking.

Italian craftmanship in every stitch

Each dog collar in our collection is made with love and craftsmanship in Italy. This craftsmanship guarantees not only the highest quality but also a long lifespan. By choosing a Pawness dog collar, you choose a product made with respect for nature and attention to detail.

Combine style and sustainability

Our dog collars are more than just an accessory; they are a statement of style and a testament to sustainability. With the choice of either the Bo or Trix collection, you can perfectly express your dog’s personality and style, while also making a conscious choice for the environment.

Visit our Pawness webshop today and choose the perfect dog collar that combines style, comfort, and sustainability for your loyal four-legged friend. Discover how our collections not only make your dog look fantastic but also contribute to a more sustainable world.

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