Dog shampoo

As a responsible pet owner, your furry friend deserves the best. The right Dog shampoo is the key to a healthy, shiny coat and a happy dog. Different types of dog coats – short, long, curly, or wiry – require specific care. That’s where Pawness steps in, offering a range of shampoos tailored to meet the unique needs of every pooch.

Pawness’s Assortment of Dog Shampoos
1. Dog Shampoo Bark Bliss – Nourishing and Moisturizing
Indulge your dog’s coat with the deeply nourishing and moisturising Bark Bliss. Specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin, this shampoo restores natural oils, leaving your dog’s coat luxuriously soft and lustrously shiny.
2. Dog Shampoo Fresh Fetch – Nourishing and Refreshing
Refresh and rejuvenate your dog’s coat with Fresh Fetch. This revitalising shampoo is perfect after those playful days at the park. It offers a blend of nourishing ingredients that cleanse and invigorate, ensuring your dog feels as fresh as they look.
3. Shampoo Bar: Fantastically Freshening
Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our Fantastically Freshening shampoo bar. Ideal for dogs who love to get dirty, this bar profoundly cleanses, removing dirt and odours while being gentle on the skin and easy to use during bath time.
4. Shampoo Bar: Marvelously Mild – Gentle and Soothing
Transform bath time into a serene retreat for your furry friend with our Marvelously Mild shampoo bar. This natural formula is a soothing symphony for the senses and skin, designed for dogs requiring a gentler touch. Watch as your pet relishes in the calming experience so much that they might need a little nudge to leave their spa session.

Commitment to Safety and Ethics
All our Dog Shampoos are free from harsh chemicals like parabens, SLS/sulfates, phosphorates, petrochemicals, artificial colours, and phosphorates. We believe in the safety and comfort of your pet, which is why our products are also free from Synthetic Colours.

Suitable for Puppies
Our products are safe for puppies from 12 weeks, ensuring that even the youngest members of your furry family can enjoy the benefits of our natural, gentle formulas.

At Pawness, we understand the bond between you and your pet. Our Dog Shampoos and grooming products are designed to nurture this relationship, ensuring your dog looks and feels their best. Shop now and experience the difference between Pawness’s natural, ethical grooming solutions!

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