Houseplants That Are Dog-Friendly and Safe to Have in Your Home

Houseplants That Are Dog-Friendly and Safe to Have in Your Home

For fur parents who are also plant-lovers, it’s hard to decide whether to keep plants indoors or to just put them outside to keep the dogs from destroying them and also to protect them from poisonous indoor plants. It’s a tough decision to make considering that house plants play a major role in the interior of a home. So, where to begin and find the best dog-friendly houseplants? No worries, we’ve got you covered

Plants are excellent air purifiers, in addition to their aesthetic appeal. They enhance your home’s indoor air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and keeping the air fresh and clean. Scientific studies also show that plants can lower stress and anxiety, therefore, improving your mood and keeping you focused and productive,

While there are plants that we truly adore because of their color and beauty, some of these can be extremely dangerous for your pooch. Since dogs tend to stick their noses, snuffle around, and chew almost anything that piques their interest, having a beautiful but toxic plant around your living room is definitely not a good idea.

It’s true that some plants can only cause minor sicknesses such as diarrhea – but you still should not ignore the fact that these are harmful and can potentially lead to serious problems and cause liver and intestinal problems. 

Okay, so does that mean I can’t really make my plants and my dogs cohabit?

Well, the good news is, you can. Having dogs at home does not entirely mean you can’t place your wonderful plants indoors anymore. There’s always a way around it. By carefully selecting toxic-free plants and placing them tactically in your living space, you can achieve the indoor lush you dreamed of, and enjoy fresher, cleaner air with your fur babies.

To help you get started and avoid an unplanned trip to the veterinary clinic, we’ve compiled a list of dog-friendly and non-toxic houseplants. Let’s get right into it.

9 Dog-friendly Houseplants

1.  Dog-friendly houseplant: Areca Palm

For a greener and lusher living room, we all want huge leafy plants. The tall, wispy palm fronds of the Areca palm can transform your living room into a tropical paradise. Palm species can look similar in appearance so you need to be extra careful not to accidentally pick a Sago Palm. Sago Palms are extremely harmful to your pets. All the parts of this plant are toxic and dangerous.

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2.   Dog-friendly houseplant: Baby Rubber Plant

The baby rubber plant is also known for its scientific name, “Peperomia obtusifolia”. This plant is pretty small so you can put it in a beautiful flower pot and place it on your window, table, or decorate it on your shelf. Unlike other rubber plants which can cause mild toxicity to pets, the baby rubber plant is completely safe.

3.   Dog-friendly houseplant: Parlor Palm

The Parlor Palm is another palm species that is not toxic to dogs. This palm is pretty popular and is considered the most heavily sold house palms in the world. With good care, this plant can grow up to 5-6 feet tall. So, if you want to bring nature indoors, this plant can make your house feel like a jungle haven.

4.   Dog-friendly houseplant: Polka Dot Plant

There’s no rule that says indoor plants should be green. Therefore, add a burst of color and pattern by placing a polka dot plant! This house plant is usually small and can be put in a container. It is called such because it has a freckle-like foliar display which makes it attractive and a good décor piece in desks and shelves.

5.   Dog-friendly houseplant: Boston Fern

If you want to add some messy bushiness for a more unconventional and natural look, the Boston fern is the way to go. Your dog can bite or chew the fern, eat it, or do whatever with it and your pup will be completely fine. But that doesn’t mean you can let your dog destroy it. That wouldn’t be fair to the plant. To keep the plant safe from your plant-destroying-pooch, put it in a small pot or container and place it in an area that your dog can’t reach.

6.  Dog-friendly houseplant: Lace Flower Vine

Of course, the safest way to have a plant indoors without having to worry about the dogs destroying it and getting poisoned from it is to just opt for a hanging plant. The lace flower vine grows best in hanging baskets. And even if your dog can get close to it, worry not because it is dog-friendly and toxic-free. Hang the lace flower vine near a window with indirect light and don’t forget to water it. When grown and taken care of nicely, the vine can dangle beautifully up to 3 feet long.

7.    Dog-friendly houseplant: Calathea

Calathea or the prayer plant is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. It is called a “prayer plant” because its leaves fold or curl up during nighttime as if in prayer mode. Its beautiful color, a creative pattern of green and cream makes it a favorite décor to have in console tables and bookshelves.

8.    Dog-friendly houseplant: Succulents

Who doesn’t love succulents? We’d say no one. At least, we assume that all plant lovers adore succulents. Succulents are a good alternative if you only want to add minimal greens to your interior space. Minimalists, this is for you.

There are a variety of succulent plants that are safe for your furry babies. Hens and chicks, zebra cactus, and echeverias are common examples. Avoid the Jade tree, snake plant, and aloe vera as they can be pretty toxic.

9.   Dog-friendly houseplant: Watermelon Plant

The foliage of this plant is somewhat similar to the watermelon fruit. It is also known as Aluminum Pilea. The striking pattern of white and green is what makes this plant attractive indoors. Since it only grows shorter than 12 inches, you can display this on top of your end table or console.

There are a lot of pet-safe houseplants that we haven’t covered but these are our top picks. Feel free to choose which plants would look wonderful in your home.

How to place dog-friendly houseplants strategically to keep your pup from destroying them?

Having dog-friendly houseplants is one thing but keeping them safe from your furry buddies as well, is another thing. Of course, you love them both so as much as possible, find ways to keep them in good condition.

  • Place them in strategic locations. For bigger dog-friendly houseplants like palms, place them in areas where your pup doesn’t usually hang out. Or in certain spots that they can’t directly access such as behind chairs, or in corners.
  • Keep the plants away from the dog’s reach. Put them in tables, end tables, console tables, or shelves so your fur baby will never have the opportunity to destroy them. Pair it up with a couple of books, perhaps a piece of artwork or a décor item to complement it.
  • Place them in containers or pots that don’t easily break. Dogs can sometimes get rowdy and naughty especially when they are excited or being playful. Therefore, there is a possibility that they might knock over plants that are placed in ceramic pots or breakable containers. This can be a total mess for you and can be harmful to your pooch as well.
  • Cover the soil on the plant container with stones and pebbles. Dogs are inherently curious. They will sniff and dig around whatever they find interesting. To keep your plant safe from the wrath of your pup’s paws, cover it with pebbles and stones.
  • Discourage your fur buddy whenever he attempts to destroy a plant. Training your dog is difficult but you can do it little by little. When he starts munching on your plant, show your disapproval by telling him “no” and shooing him away. When he follows your order, show him your approval by petting him or giving him a little treat.

There you have it, fur parents!

If you previously thought “Nah, I can’t have houseplants with a dog.” Well, we just proved you wrong. With the right selection of dog-friendly houseplants, you can definitely make your interior space come to life with greeneries. You can also create a safe space for your plants by strategically placing them inside your home so your dog will never bother it. What are you waiting for? Spruce up your home with new houseplants and introduce your fur babies to the new members of the family!

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