Pooches & their Pals: Hannah & Sandra

“Hannah ensures a very sustainable dog life in every respect. From food to poop bags and also with the great products from Pawness, we make sure that her paw print is as small as possible.”


How did you meet Hannah? And when did you realize you needed a dog in your life?

When I worked at Dogs magazine a few years ago, we always had reports about animal welfare organizations. That’s when I knew I wanted to adopt a dog. At first, I wanted a dachshund, but after learning about the breeding diseases of this breed, I decided it would be a mix. After weeks of researching the right dog, I discovered Hannah at the animal welfare organization Hands 4 Animals, and it was love at first sight.

We’d love to hear more about your experiences with Hannah in your tiny house. What unique challenges have you faced, and how have you overcome them while staying true to your sustainable values?

When we adopted Hannah, the tiny house was already being planned, which was one reason why we chose such a small dog. Before the tiny house, we lived in a 1.5-room apartment, so it wasn’t a particularly big change. What’s special for Hannah is that we planned the stairs to the sleeping level so she can walk independently.
Hannah ensures a very sustainable dog life in every respect. From food to poop bags and also with the great products from Pawness, we make sure that her paw print is as small as possible. Hannah is vegan, just like us. There are also health reasons for her. She is living, happy proof that this is possible without any problems.

How do you ensure Hannah gets enough exercise and mental stimulation within the limited space of your tiny house, and what role does sustainability play in her daily activities?

We live right on the forest’s edge and go outside at least 3 times a day. More often in the summer. She has enough toys here to chew and keep herself busy. We also pay attention to the materials such as chewing wood made from olive wood.

What inspires you to integrate sustainable practices into Hannah’s daily routine, and how do you think it has positively impacted her life?

Owning a dog enormously increases one’s carbon footprint. Therefore, it was important for us to pay attention to this when keeping dogs. We try to keep many things as natural as possible, so just letting them be dogs and a stick in the forest is 1000 times more exciting than a plastic toy.

What is your favourite product of the Pawness collection and why?

The Ceramic Slow Feeder Bo. This was our first Pawness product, and not only is it great to use, but I also love the handmade ceramic design.

The bond between you and Hannah is evident. Can you share a heartwarming moment that shares your bond best?

It was there from the first moment. The week we got her, I really doubted whether it was a good idea to adopt a dog from abroad that I had never seen in person. It was also my first dog, and I panicked that it was a really stupid idea.

And then Hannah was the first dog to be taken out of the car during the handover. They put her in my arms and I heard her heart beating excitedly and felt her tapping her tail against my leg. At that moment, I knew everything was right and that we belonged together. This bond was there from the first moment and although she is very timid, she has infinite trust in me and my boyfriend. When the three of us are together, her world is in order.

Finally, what advice would you give to others interested in incorporating sustainable practices into their pet care routines, especially for those living in small spaces like tiny houses?

A dog doesn’t need 100 toys and 10 different bowls and leashes. They need love and time; you can also spend it together in the fresh air. Hannah prefers to sleep in (our) bed when she had enough exercise outside.

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