Pooches & their Pals: Kate & Beau

“After a tough 1.5-year search, we found Kate – it was love at first sight!”

When did you decide you wanted a dog and why a toy poodle?

Growing up, our family got our first dog after much persuasion. That’s when I knew I’d want my dog someday. My partner and I, both full-time office workers, shelved the idea due to our busy schedules… until Covid changed everything. After a year of working from home with no end in sight and home office becoming the norm, the idea of getting a dog resurfaced. Living in an apartment, we sought a small companion dog that loved to play and walk. Extensive research led us to the toy poodle, and after a tough 1.5-year search, we found Kate – it was love at first sight!

How has Kate changed your life since joining your family?

I used to spend entire days behind my computer, but only after Kate arrived. She brings rhythm and structure to my days and gets me to spend more time outdoors. She’s super affectionate and always happy, always bringing a smile to my face. Kate is a little love bomb.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done out of love for Kate?

We once had breakfast in a storm on a hotel terrace because dogs weren’t allowed in the restaurant. Other guests watched as our breakfast blew across the terrace.

Is it essential that Kate’s things fit your lifestyle/interior? How so?

Absolutely! I love interior design and enjoy it when Kate’s stuff matches our style. I prefer timeless items in neutral shades for our home. I even found a dog bed on Pinterest that perfectly matched our interior before I knew I was getting a dog.

What’s your favourite Pawness product, and what’s on your wish list?

Tough choice! I love the bowtie and personalized bandana on her – they complete her outfit. I like how you can mix and match them with different leashes. I’m a fan of the scented candle – it smells great and looks cosy on the table. Top of our wishlist is the cream blanket😍.

If Kate could talk, what would she say first?

Attention! (Or snacks?). Even though she can’t talk, she’s an expert at making her desires known. Kate loves attention; if she wants petting and we don’t notice, she’ll sit right on top of us. If she’s in the mood for snacks, she’ll spend ten minutes in front of the snack cabinet, trying to win us over with her puppy eyes.

Do you have a funny or embarrassing story about Kate to share?

Kate is super curious and loves packages delivered by the postman. I often order online, and whenever a package arrives, she thinks it’s for her. I can only set a package aside after opening it first, or she goes wild. She must know immediately what’s inside.

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