Living the happy life: 10 things we can learn from a dog

The life of a dog isn’t complicated but in all means, it is joyful and orderly. Something, we as humans sometimes miss. Therefore we should pay attention to the way dogs guide us through life by living the happy life. Keep into account the 10 things we can learn from a dog. Just to make your life a little bit more light-hearted.

1. Live in the moment


Dogs don’t worry about the past or stress about the future. They focus on the ball flying at them and doing whatever! They! Can! To take advantage of the moment. This isn’t to say that reflection and planning aren’t valuable, but when you have an opportunity to soak up the experience, do it! Let a mental break do its thing by shutting out non-critical distractions. Put your work phone on ‘do not disturb’.

2. Run and play daily

Much walk. Much run.

Dogs exhibit their stir-craze, while humans have been taught to sit still and qualm their energy. The build-up can turn into anxiety, which we easily forget to treat with the body’s natural and necessary hormones – endorphins! Take yourSELF out for a walk. Get those cobwebs out of your head and let your muscles do what they were bred to!

3. Love unconditionally

Dog fur soak up cry.

Your dog knows you at your best and at your worst. Tough times can be what foster the most growth. Learning to be patient with your friends (and yourself) through rough patches provides our loved ones with what they need at their weakest moments and reminds us that everyone deserves to be loved.

4. Be loyal

Dog love man. Man love dog.

Dog would die for man. Dogs know the value of a good friend. They know who is there to feed them and hug them at the end of the day. Develop deep relationships and work through tough times with the people who matter, it will allow you to grow together and eventually reflect together with a new, profound perspective.

5. Greet everybody with enthusiasm

Dog love people. All people.

Dog turns frown upside-down. Everyone has something to offer you, and you have something to offer everyone. Whether it’s directions on the street, recommendations for a restaurant, or a friendly lick on the face, your energy is infectious— so treat people the way you would want to be treated! You never know when a new opportunity can rise from something unexpected.

6. Don’t hold grudges

Don’t play tug-of-war with feelings. Only toys.

Dog or goldfish? Step on a tail and you might have a hard time telling the difference! Your pup will not hold an accidental injustice against you. This is also a good learning moment for the other side— your nurturing affection can be translated to human relationships, and can teach you what you should learn to expect and accept as retribution from those who hurt you.

7. Be yourself

Let ME love YOU.

Nobody should expect you to be anything you’re not, including yourself. Dogs are unapologetically themselves, we love them despite clumsiness and messy appetite! Feeling loved for being you can only make you more comfortable with showing more of yourself to the world, so allow yourself to be vulnerable and you will reap the rewards.

 8. Enjoy life

Why be sad when there is glad?

Life is meant to be lived! Follow your passions, indulge your creativity, do the things you’ve always been jealous of others for doing. Get into the race! Ask to join a game of frisbee! Even if one person isn’t interested, a dog won’t stop to feel sad. They move on to the next game!

9. Sniff out opportunities

Curiosity only hurt cat. (Right?)

Energy and good-nature are magnetic, a dog’s desire to learn and explore can inspire those around them. If you catch a whiff of something which might be worth exploring, it’s time to learn to follow that urge. Don’t let your fear immobilise you, let the adrenaline push you forward! Break the ice. Make friends with someone whose style you appreciate or whose food always smells good at lunch, maybe they can teach you something new!

10. Drink plenty of water

*Pants joyously*

Restaurants will happily give your dog a bowl of water, but remember to keep your brain squishy as well! Hydration keeps you working and active, your joints limber, and your body at the ready for activities. When in doubt think of the happiest dog with the stringiest drool. Lap it up! 

As it comes without saying, this is what we call living the happy life: 10 things you can learn from a dog. Enjoy the companion of your dog, and don’t take it for granted they can teach us to live life joyfully and light-hearted.

Since we can learn so much from dogs and they give us everything they have, we think it is good to give back as well. Therefore, we donate 10% of our profit to good doggie causes Learn more. Every six months we select a new charity. We start with HomelessDogs 

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