5 tips for choosing the best dog leash

The dog leash is one of the essential accessories for your pet. You use it daily, but how do you choose the best lead for your four-legged friend? A dog leash must, of course, be comfortable and safe for the dog. But you, as the owner, can also set some requirements such as comfort, material and durability. There is a wide variety of dog leashes on the market, from Flexi leashes to training leads and dog leashes, especially for dog sports. This blog will tell you more about the different types of dog leashes and give you 5 tips for choosing the best dog leash. So read on!

What kind of dog leashes are there?

Whether you are in a pet store or looking online for a suitable dog leash, the choice is enormous. That is why we have listed the different dog leashes for you.

The standard dog leash

A standard dog leash is between 120cm and 200cm long and has a handle and a carabiner. Most owners find this the most convenient dog leash because it gives the most control. This type of leash gives you enough control to keep your dog from danger or prevent them from diving into a muddy puddle.

Retractable leash

These lines are available from various brands and consist of a 3 to 5-meter-long wire that rolls up in a small box. While the average dog owner finds these leashes very useful, they are sensitive to hair and dirt getting on the inside of the roller mechanism. In addition, these leashes are unsuitable for dogs that suddenly run away or pull very hard.

Adjustable straps and training leashes

An adjustable dog leash is sometimes referred to as a training leash or police leash. An adjustable leash for the dog can usually be adjusted to three or even four lengths. In this way, you are assured of the ideal length in every situation.

Slip dog leash

A slip lead is a collar and leash in one. When the dog pulls, the collar gets smaller. These leashes are generally not recommended for young or restless dogs as they can cause injury. If you purchase a slip line, always buy one with a ‘stop’ so it cannot pull too tight.

Double dog leash

A double dog leash is a leash with one handle, which splits into two leashes with a swivel head. This rotating intermediate piece ensures that the two lines are less tangled..

Sports leash

Of course, there are also various types of spot lines for the dog. From special show lines to running and CaniCross belts. Each with its unique properties.

What should I pay attention to when choosing the best dog leash?
There are a lot of choices when looking for the best dog leash. That is why we would like to give you these 5 tips:

#1 Choose the proper closure

Dog owners with a dog of average weight and stature can pay little attention to this. But if you have a small or colossal dog, it is wise to pay attention to this. There is quite a difference in closures, especially in the weight and the maximum force the closure can handle. You can imagine that a carabiner for a Great Dane is not so suitable for a small dog or puppy. And for a dog that tends to lunge while walking or pulling, you better get a more robust closure. Many leashes include a weight rating to help you choose the best dog leash based on your dog’s weight or size.

#2 Determine the correct length

The length of the leash determines the amount of freedom your dog has while walking and the control you have over the animal. If you always walk along a cycle path or busy road, a short leash of 150 to 180 cm is a good choice. This way, you can steer the dog well and protect it from danger. A longer leash is convenient if you walk in a park and want to let it sniff a little further away from you.

#3 Go for a sustainable material

A dog leash sometimes has to deal with quite a bit; after all, you walk with it in all weather conditions. Nylon belts fray over time, are susceptible to wear and tear and, in some cases mould can develop. Because of this, many people choose leather belts, which are not very good for the environment. The best alternative to a leather dog leash is a leash made of vegan leather. Vegan leather is produced fairly and humanely and lasts a long time.

#4 A comfortable handle

Choose a material that is comfortable to hold and does not cut or abrade. Pay close attention to a neat finish and a soft material. If you have a dog that pulls a lot, it is wise to opt for a padded handle so that the leash is a bit softer.

#5 Choose a quality product

We all know the saying, “you get what you pay for”, and there is also some truth to it with dog leashes. Cheap dog leashes are generally less resistant to wear and tear, so they don’t last as long. In addition, they use cheap closures that can break down over time. A solid-quality dog ​​leash is the best choice if you want to choose a safe and durable product.

Why do we think a Pawness leash is the best dog leash?

Beautiful design is essential, but at Pawness, quality and durability are just as important. Our products are made locally with care for people, animals and the environment. This is how we ensure that the products are of the best quality.

In addition, Pawness donates 10% of the profit to charities that take care of the dogs that don’t have a warm basket or loving home.

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